I am one who loves the why of things.

about me

Freelance Writer For Hire

I’m a curious nocturnal creature who never stops learning. I am constantly trying to make sense (or perhaps nonsense) of the world through life experiences and research.

I am a freelance writer who specializes in copywriting, technical writing, and editing.

I have about seven years of experience in writing and editing, from technical documentation to marketing collateral. I love to expose myself to new stuff and challenges. Meeting people with different backgrounds and listening to their story is my hobby. What intrigues me most about these stories is that’s what made them who they are today.

Occasionally, I love to explore new projects or challenges like PR and marketing strategy, social media marketing, exploring different writing styles, infographics, hardware, technology, and startups.

Nevertheless, my love for writing never stops me far from writing tasks. So, if you are looking for someone to carry the burden and headaches of constructing your marketing, business, technical contents or any kinds of write-ups, feel free to drop me some text or email me at shuanthing.goh@gmail.com.