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30 Things I Learned To Live A Happier Life

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“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” 

― Dr. SeussHappy Birthday to You! 

We are who we are from the experience we’ve had, through the emotions we’ve felt, the people we’ve met, and the failures and successes in life we’ve gone through.

Making this list is refreshing and soul-searching for me. I’d recommend anyone to do it at any juncture of your life as we can all benefit from it. It imparts self-reflection moment that tells us who we are, whom we are becoming and whom we want to become. Personally, I find this session to be therapeutic. Providing me with a good moment to interpret my thoughts and emotions and figure out what my true feelings and emotions are. In a way, giving myself an opportunity to change for a better life.


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So here’s my list of  things I have learned in life.

  1. Live like you are dying tomorrow, plan like you are living forever.
  2. Beat your own records make you feel better accomplished than winning others.
  3. You can please everyone, but never everyone concurrently.
  4. Feel blessed at all things, at all times, be it bad or good circumstances, makes you happier.
  5. Nobody knows everything, nobody knows nothing. Everyone is good at something.
  6. Good observation skill is a social survival skill.
  7. Being good at what you do and knowing it yourself is not enough. You need to know how to skilfully articulate it to others.
  8. There are things in life that you definitely have no control over. Sometimes you just need to let it be.
  9. Things in the past you cannot change, but you can change how you feel about it by letting go.
  10. Don’t just think what you might do, do what you think. Do what you like. Like what you do.
  11. Family and friendships are priceless.
  12. Money should not be a factor of life. It simply smoothens the path. Exercise and sleep are factors of life.
  13. Learn from peoples’ mistakes.
  14. Do not punish yourself for peoples’ mistakes.
  15. You gain nothing from being judgemental. There’s always a story behind an action or decision.
  16. You do not degrade yourself when you admit your own mistakes.
  17. Do not shut the door to your mind.
  18. Listening to others from any walks of life might open up yourself to new ideas.
  19. Do not limit your capabilities with your own limited intelligence.
  20. Stop whining and worrying, they bring you nowhere. Just do something about it.
  21. You can easily loose yourself (in anger, narcissism or vanity, despair). Always allow at least one person in your life to remind you of who you are.
  22. Have many goals in life in different areas. Achieve or try achieving them. Enjoy the journey not the goal.
  23. Pray, forgive yourself, love yourself and appreciate others.
  24. It’s alright to have fun and do nothing at times.
  25. Respect others (opinions, thoughts, actions, decisions, etc.). Every individual is a separate being. We are all different.
  26. Be honest with yourself (feelings & emotions, failures, likes & dislikes, etc.). No one can help you but yourself.
  27. Being meticulous is good, but able to look at the big picture while being detailed-oriented is better.
  28. We are not superhumans. There are times you just have to speak up or get help.
  29. Help others that are less fortunate than you are, gives you a better perspective towards life.
  30. You are not the world and not everything revolves around you. We are just one tiny living creature in this huge universe. So not everything is about us.

p.s. Don’t worry! There will be no ‘list of 40 things’ at the age of 40. ;P

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