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What It Feels Like To Be 30 and Me

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Happy Birthday to me! Thanks to Google, I’m feeling the euphoria now.


But, seriously, what does it feels like to be 30 and me? Frankly, I feel excited, thrilled and anxious all at once. Emotion overloaded.

I’m excited because I’m 30 yet I don’t feel old. There’s so much more to grow and learn. Speaking of physical appearance, yeah I definitely don’t pass as a 30, in fact I’d say not even 26. Pros, “Yay! I look young most of the time.” Cons, “What are you, a kid trying to convince me?”

I’m thrilled because I’m 30 and I’m waking up at any time I feel like it. It’s a step towards my life freedom. I’m heading towards a life I’ve always wanted. To have my own say in my life, lead my own life doing what I love to do.

I’m anxious because I’m 30 and there is the unknown. Future can be scary when you blank your mind and starts thinking about it. Your head will be filled with a lot of what would, what will, what is, what then.

But all in all, I’m contented and happy at 30. Blessed me for where I am today. Blessed me for a wonderful husband for allowing me to be me. Blessed me for those who endow, enrich and enlighten my life—my wonderful family, friends and acquaintances. Above all, today is for my parents, especially my mom for the pain you’ve gone through in carrying me for 9 months and delivering me.

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