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How to Condition Yourself to Lead a Happy Life

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Want to lead a happy life? Sure, it should be easy. But, how?

Before I go on talking about the perspective of life, I’d like to share this very inspirational speech by Sam Berns, who suffered a rare progeria disease but led a jubilant life. He shared with us his philosophy on how to lead a happy life despite his condition. Here’s a summary of his life philosophies.

Berns’ Philosophy on how to lead a happy life

  1. Don’t waste your energy feeling bad for yourself, focus on what you can do not what you can’t do
  2. Surround yourself with people you want to be with, people who gives you positive energy
  3. Keep moving forward, always find something to look forward to

One of the many things he mentioned was about bravery, and I believe it’s something not many people today fully grasp on how to handle bravery.

“Being brave isn’t suppose to be easy”, was one of his comment on how to face challenges when it hits you.

Personally, I believe that conditioning your brain to think this way eases the entire journey of overcoming challenges. Ironically, admitting that it’s not suppose to be easy makes it easier.

It’s the same when it comes to acknowledging your weaknesses. By recognising your weaknesses, you become stronger. You open up your mind and allows a positive physiological change.

My friends who have known me for long will know that I’ve always talked about cups, it being full or half filled.

Is your cup full, half empty or half full?

Everyone’s life—psychological and physiological—is represented by a cup. How one lives their life, the way they see themselves, the things they do in life all revolves around how they value the contents of that cup.

It’s a very simple analogy. When one’s cup is full, you no longer allow others to fill it for you. Meaning to say, when one is full of themselves, when one thinks that they know everything, have everything, there’s nothing you can say or do that they will learn or see their lives differently.

Same goes to those who sees their cup as half empty versus half full. When you see your life as half empty, you are constantly thinking about the things you can’t achieve. And the more you think about it, the more frustrated and angry you get. Then you are unhappy with your life.

When you see your life as half full, you will constantly think of how blessed you are and being grateful for what you already have. Your mind will not be shrouded with anger and frustrations.

Being happy and relaxed, you open up your mind to possibilities of what you can achieve more. That’s when you can recognise opportunities and find ways to grab it.

Some people call it lucky. I call it, the ability to identify and catch it when it happens.

To lead a happy life, it’s all about reconditioning your thoughts that lead to positive physiological change. Then great things will happen. You will be happy!

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