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5 Life Lessons We Should Learn from Groot

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If you have yet to watch the Guardians of the Galaxy, you should. I’d highly recommend it. For one, it’s comical and entertaining. For another, I’d say it’s because they have Groot!

He’s the wise man (or rather wise tree) with few words. There are 5 lessons about life that we can learn from him.

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1. People who talk less are more likeable.

Although we are deemed the social creatures, some of us are shyer than others. Hence, having jitters and turning ourselves into chatterboxes to camouflage our nervousness is inevitable. I for one have ample experience of messing up with talking too much.

 Lesson from Master Groot:

Just shut it! Especially, when you can’t find something smart to say. Remember, it’s always better to appear shy or unsociable than to say something stupid or inconsiderate.

2. Your only friends are those who understand you even if you are a man of few words.

True friends, most of the time, understand you for who you are. Even if you say nothing or something imperceptible.

Lesson from Master Groot:

Don’t bother about trying to buy friendship through becoming what your friends want you to be. Be honest. Just be you. Your friends will accept you for who you are. If they don’t, then they might not be your friends after all.

3. Always be there for friends that matter.

No man is an island. Humans need to depend on one another to survive. Friendship is priceless. Friends are part of who you are. They define what type of person you are. Hence, cherish them.

Lesson from Master Groot:

Stick up for your friends when in need. They will do the same for you.

4. Put on a gentle appearance, but carry a fierce heart.

Most people put on a fierce appearance but have a gentle heart. It’s not that it’s a bad thing, but who would dare to approach you if you have a scary look (right?).

Lesson from Master Groot:

Love life and be gentle to others. But when situations require it, be as fierce as you can be in protecting what’s important to you.

5. People who do not express themselves do not mean nothing is going on in their mind.

There’s a Hokkien saying that goes like this “Silent dog bites people to death”, which means the quiet ones are usually the scariest. Besides, those who are quiet might not mean they are not suffering.

Lesson from Master Groot:

Do not easily judge others simply base on few meet ups or their appearance. Also, if you have troubles or internal turmoil, find someone to talk to.

You think there are more things we can learn from Master Groot? Feel free to add in the comments below.

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